Internationalization strategies

With strong experience in doing business and an effective partner network worldwide, Key Factors provides advisory services to small and mid-sized companies expanding their operations internationally.

We assist our clients in developing business opportunities and penetrating foreign markets rapidly and consistently, respecting global standards of business ethics to build a solid reputation and sustain their success.

The move starts with the analysis the company’s needs and capacities and the selection of the most suitable markets for its business, followed by a thorough market study.

The customer-tailored internationalization plans will include the adaption of product features, services and communication to local customer requirements and preferences, in addition to the conformity to policies and regulatory standards of each target market. The entry strategies also encompass prospecting and negotiating  potential acquisitions, partnerships, alliances and International Joint Ventures (IJVs), distribution channels and logistic, reviewing and preparing necessary contracts as well as conducting all respective due diligence. We assist our clients throughout all the implementation process, including the establishment of new offices, recruitment of personnel and expatriation of executives. And we are there to advise and support with change and crisis management.

As part of our assistance, we coach executives to deal in multicultural environments, facilitate meetings and connections, and organize their participation in trade shows, conferences and training programs.

Key Factors has the experience, the expertise and the network to help business to compete and thrive in international markets.