How we can help your company

Key Factors Business Strategy and Implementation (KF)  was founded in 2002 by Gib de Medeiros in order to help results-oriented technology companies harness their people’s potential and improve overall business performance. Originally, Key Factors focused on Optimization of processes and on Innovation, with clients ranging from startups to well established corporations.

As of 2009, Internationalization got a place of pride in Key Factors’ portfolio. We assist our clients in developing business opportunities and entering foreign markets rapidly and consistently. We help them build a solid reputation and sustain their success respecting global standards of business ethics.

The customer-tailored internationalization plans will include the adaptation of product features, services and communication to local customer requirements and preferences. We ensure the conformity to policies and regulatory standards of each target market. The entry strategies also encompass prospecting and negotiating acquisitions, partnerships, alliances and International Joint Ventures (IJVs), as well as distribution channels, strategic sourcing and logistic. We review and prepare necessary contracts and conduct all respective due diligence.

We work on setting priorities and balancing short-term results and long-term growth objectives. Our aim is to enable dynamic organizations to achieve their maximum  profitability, competitiveness and long-lasting value generation for shareholders.

Key Factors has helped firms with technology innovation challenges and in international business development initiatives in multiple geographies: North America (Canada, USA, Mexico), LatAn America (Brazil and all Spanish-speaking geographies), Western Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, UK, Scandinavia), Asia (Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, the Philippines).