Key Factors is a strategy consulting and implementation company with focus on innovation, business development and entrepreneurship

We offer a large portfolio of services like business modeling and planning, start-up execution, international development and other à la carte growth interventions, as well as hands-on implication in rolling out the plan.


Innovation is essential to entrepreneurship and business development, specially in saturated or rapidly growing markets. We support entrepreneurs and organizations in the new venture creation: from ideation to funding and beyond, assuring steady and sustainable growth.

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A good strategy of internationalization increases the target audience, boosts opportunities and new sources of competitive advantage. We help companies develop and implement a plan that ensures the integrity of their business abroad and builds the trust of their international customers.

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Efficient IT is indispensable for business optimization, and so is the effective combination of people and behaviors. We help leaders to take a critical look at their organization’s operations and improve processes and practices, making sure they achieve and sustain business performance and agility.

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communications3Efficient communication is the best ally to business success. It builds reputation and trust, enhances relations with stakeholders,  promotes employee bonding and productivity. Our integrated solutions are tailored to our clients' unique needs and challenges, and contribute to build and reinforce global brand image, foster customer engagement and increase performance.